Are you a CIO or an HRBP looking into how digital adoption will fit into your broader transformation strategy?

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Why digital transformation efforts often fail;

How digital adoption solutions fit into transformation strategies;

How digital adoption helped real companies drive business value.

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Businesses of all sizes and across all verticals are pushing to modernize their processes and infrastructures. This effort is what we call digital transformation: a strategy of adopting digital solutions to increase operational efficiency and resilience.

Emerging technologies have always been the main driver of economic progress, be it manufacturing automation or increased digitization of the modern workplace. The question is, what will happen to those who do not embrace these changes?

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About Us

HintEd is a digital adoption platform vendor that helps companies increase their productivity by improving employee training and user onboarding for enterprise software.

HintEd DAP is an interactive contextual help layer for enterprise software applications. The platform enables organizations to provide instant in-app assistance, increasing operational efficiency and lowering support&training costs.

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